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Update on Upcoming Writing

Hello fantastic visitor!

Thank you for visiting my website! As I'm sure you noticed, my last release was in October of 2019. Since I'm writing this nearly a year later, it might come as no surprise that I haven't yet released anything! At the end of 2019, I announced a new project I had termed  "Project Airlift," which was supposed to be released in 2020.


Just a few months after this announcement, I was called to serve a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lyon, France. Because of circumstances at the time, I was unable to publish Airlift before my departure for France. I was quite sad that I wasn't able to release this book, but I look forward with optimism to a day in the future when I will be able to release this fantastic book—and many others—to the world!

Again, thank you for visiting my website! Your patronage of my writing is always appreciated. And even though I am gone, you can still purchase my book, Transmission, through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you go into your local Barnes & Noble, you can even have a hardcover version ordered in!

Thank you,

Jacob Bohman

Author of Transmission and this fantastic post

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